Sheffield United fan recreates hilarious iconic relegation photo 14 years on 7 months ago

Sheffield United fan recreates hilarious iconic relegation photo 14 years on

'14 years later, the pain is still the same'

A father and son have recreated an iconic snap from 14 years ago, after their beloved Sheffield United were once again relegated from the Premier League.


The original photo was taken in 2007 as Sheffield United suffered relegation heartbreak on the final day of the Premier League season after a 2-1 defeat at home to Wigan. Suffice to say that this season hasn't seen the Blades get anywhere near the ten league victories they racked up in 2006-07, as they been relegated before the final month, let alone the final day.

However as the two will attest, it doesn't make it any easier to come to terms with. So the father and son duo thought they'd have some fun by recreating the heartbreaking photo of a son crying into his dad's arms as the pain that football can cause hits him.

Except of course, the son in question is a little bit bigger now.

Whilst they couldn't get in to the ground to truly mirror the pic, it's a really solid effort. Their both looking in the same way they were in 2007, with the same emotions of despair and heartache etched across their 14-years-older faces. The dad is even wearing the same coat from that fateful day in 2007.


And although the emotions probably aren't quite as raw in the recreation as they were in 2007, it seems to have struck a loving chord with a lot of people, racking up almost 40,000 likes at the time of writing.

One user commented: "Supporting your local club is painful sometimes but we have shown that the game belongs to us. Much love from a Palace fan. "

Another said: "Football fan it’s a shxt life cost loads. Get cold and wet. Look at 90 mins of crap. Crap drink crap food!! Win nothing. We love it the crack the banter the excitement. Just the a win. Nothing better"


Meanwhile a third wrote: "Brilliant pic, from a Magpie, if I knew football was going to be so painful, I’d of started watching Cricket! It’s tough being a northerner"


It will get better lads. And I'm sure that Blades fans across that Sheffield United fans across the land must be taking some satisfaction from the fact that their city rivals Wednesday are set for a relegation of their own.

Every cloud, hey?