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04th Feb 2021

Ex-England rugby star explains why Gavin Henson is the worst roommate ever

Ex-England star Alex Goode describes what it was like to room with Gavin Henson - in particular, the former Wales star's unique grooming routine

Alex Roberts

The two were briefly teammates at Saracens

Ex-England star Alex Goode has described what it was like to room with Gavin Henson, upon discovering the aftermath of the former Wales star’s unique grooming routine.

On the latest episode of JOE’s House of Rugby, Goode was discussing the worst dressed players in rugby alongside Ireland international Sean O’Brien and host Lee McKenzie – when the topic made its way onto Henson.

The former Wales talisman played a handful of games for Saracens alongside Goode after returning to rugby following an 18-month sabbatical.

After O’Brien revealed how he used to dress like a farmer, Goode said: “One guy that came to mind is Gavin Henson.

“Obviously, he’s infamous for his fake tan and everything. He was only with us for about three games.”

Now on loan in Japan with NEC Green Rockets for the rest of the season, Goode described what it was like to room with the ex-Ospreys man.

“The night before, we go up to Sale, and I swear the minute we got to the hotel, most of the boys go down for snacks or something. He just goes into the bathroom. I didn’t see him for snacks.

“Anyway, I came back to the room and he was still in the bathroom. I’m sort of like, ‘Okay, a bit weird.'”

Gavin Henson and Alex Goode during a Saracens training session in 2010. (Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images)

Goode said he then went for a meal and a game of cards with the rest of the Saracens squad. But Henson stayed put.

“He’s still in the bathroom, and I’m like ‘What is going on?’ And it’s starting to stink a bit.”

Henson didn’t emerge for another few hours, Goode added.

“Late in the night, I just see this glowing object walk past in the dark, illuminous.

“I went to the toilet for the first time in hours and it just had little hairs everywhere, it smelt horrendous. There were these fake tan marks everywhere. He’d spent hours fake tanning and shaving everywhere.”

Also in this week’s instalment of House of Rugby, Goode revealed how he responded to not being picked by England coach Eddie Jones so soon after winning European Player of the Year.

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