Priti Patel says fans have right to boo England team for taking the knee 1 year ago

Priti Patel says fans have right to boo England team for taking the knee

Priti Patel, a politician who doesn't want to get political?

The subject of booing fans at football matches has divided the nation in recent weeks. Some people say that football should not be political, but others are convinced it acts as a unified front against racism.


Booing used to be confined to Britains got Talent and Casper the ghost, but it has been an enormous topic of conversation in recent weeks. Home secretary Priti Patel, who seems to have an opinion on literally everything, has unsurprisingly criticised the kneeling.


"I just don't support people participating in that type of gesture - gesture politics, to a certain extent, as well," she told the infant news station GB news.

"It's all well to support a cause and make your voices heard but actually quite frankly, and we saw quite frankly in particular as some of the protests that took place - I speak now very much in what I saw in the impact on policing - it was devastating.


"Not only that, I just don't subscribe to this view that we should be rewriting our history - pulling down statues, the famous Colston statue, and what's happened there. Toppling statues is not the answer, it's about learning from our past, learning from our history and actually working together to drive the right outcome."

Is anyone really shocked that Patel has taken this stance? After all, this is the same woman who was for the death penalty.