Pep Guardiola rules out managing another club in England 8 months ago

Pep Guardiola rules out managing another club in England

"I don't think I am going to train another club in England."

Pep Guardiola has all but confirmed that he is unlikely to manage any other club in England apart from Manchester City, reports Sky Sports.


Guardiola's current contract with the reigning Premier League Champions ends in 2023, but has yet to confirm whether he will sign an extension on the deal.

And the Spaniard has admitted that should he decide to leave the Etihad Stadium, he would find it hard to see himself managing any other side in the Premier League, highlighting the bond he has with his current employers.

He said: "In England, being here, I think I will always be at Man City.


"If I had to come back I would come back to Man City, if they want me.

"I don't think I am going to train another club in England. I'm a part of this club."

The former Barcelona boss then went on to reveal  that he would like to manage at international level at some point in his career, but would be more than happy to continue at club level if needed.


"I've said many times when we've finished our part here," said Guardiola.

"For the pleasure to live in a European Championship, a World Cup, I would like to live it but I know it is not easy to find it because normally there are few positions.

"I think it is difficult for it to happen. I would like it but, at the same time, if it does not happen I will train a club. That is not a problem."

But the Manchester City boss did state that he wouldn't have plans to replace Gareth Southgate - who recently signed a two-year contract extension - as England boss.


He said: "Gareth has done an incredible job, reaching the final of the Euros and the semi-finals of the last World Cup.

"This is a huge success for English football. He has extended his contract and what I want is after that (for him) to extend for more years, if he is happy to do it.

"I am not here to take anyone's position. It is not my target.

As long as it is possible to be here, as much as my energy is there and my love for what I am doing is here, [I will be]. After that I don't know what is going to happen."

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