People think they just saw Fatman Scoop in the Everton v Liverpool crowd 4 years ago

People think they just saw Fatman Scoop in the Everton v Liverpool crowd

After the year we've had, the idea of Fatman Scoop heading to Goodison Park to watch the Merseyside Derby feels positively unremarkable.

It's hardly on the level of Danny Dyer finding out he's related to royalty, let's put it that way.


But the 45-year-old hip hop artist, who hit number one in the UK charts 13 years ago with 'Be Faithful' (wow, 13 years? - ed.) appears to have taken to Premier League football.

He made his way to Merseyside to take in some Monday Night Football, and thought he might be able to keep a low profile.

No such luck.



However, while the American might have been sitting with the home supporters, his allegiances might actually lie with the red half of Merseyside.

Back in October, he was at Anfield for Liverpool's goalless Premier League draw with Manchester United and told the Liverpool Echo that "red is my favourite colour".


So, we're left with two options here.

Either he has failed to get tickets in the Liverpool end for the derby and decided to go incognito among the Everton support, or he was so put off by that dull 0-0 against United that he has already given up on Jürgen Klopp's team and gone for the next-nearest top-flight side geographically.

It's a tough call.

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