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13th Nov 2018

Olivier Giroud to venture into cinema with voiceover role in Spider-Man movie

A man of many talents, Olivier Giroud is taking a step in cinema after landing the role of voicing the Green Goblin in the of the new Spider-Man movie

Reuben Pinder

He is a man of many talents

The list of footballers who have gone into acting is longer than you might think, Vinnie Jones being the most obvious example. Ian Wright and Stan Collymore have also featured in films, not necessarily good ones, but films nonetheless.

Eric Cantona starred in the highly rated 2009 film ‘Looking for Eric’, too, and his compatriot Olivier Giroud is about to join the list of footballers-turned-actors.

Giroud has landed himself the role of voicing the Green Goblin in the French version of the upcoming Spider-Man movie, alongside his France teammate Presnel Kimpembe who will perform the voice of Scorpion.

The France duo announced the news on social media today ahead of the film’s release on December 12.

The English version of the new movie will be named ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’, while the French version in which Giroud will feature will be named ‘Spider-Man: New Generation’.

Giroud is currently injured and could struggle to regain his place in the Chelsea line-up after Álvaro Morata’s recent return to goalscoring form.

Still, a Morata hasn’t been in a Marvel film, has he? Or won a World Cup for that matter. So who’s the real winner?