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14th Oct 2021

New footage shows exactly what Deontay Wilder said to Tyson Fury after trilogy fight

A video has emerged showing the full 'conversation' between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder following the Gypsy King’s win on Saturday night.

Daniel Brown

Wilder snubbed Fury’s praise

A video has emerged showing the full ‘conversation’ between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder following the Gypsy King’s 11th-round knockout win over the American on Saturday night.

Both fighters were knocked down in the fight, but it was the Brit who was able to land the crucial punch to end what has been a scintillating rivalry between the pair.

After securing victory over Wilder in an all-time heavyweight classic, Fury walked over to the Bronze Bomber’s corner to praise the role that his opponent played in a sensational bout.

However, Wilder – who was covered in cuts and bruises – snubbed the WBC heavyweight champion, refusing to engage in conversation with Fury and repeatedly said: “No love.”

Fury, clearly annoyed by Wilder’s comments, responded saying: “Never mind love, there’s respect.

“You got beat fair and square tonight. That’s it. I respect you because I’m a man.”

The Bronze Bomber refused to back down and continued to express his true feelings.

He said: “I won’t respect you, I won’t respect you. I will never respect you.”

Before he was ushered away from Wilder’s corner, Fury said: “Don’t show bad sportsmanship, you lost fair and square.”

Despite expressing his annoyance at the American’s comments, the 33-year-old continued to praise Wilder in his post-fight interview.

“I’m not going to make any excuses, Wilder is a top fighter,” said Fury. “He gave me a real run for my money tonight, and I always said I’m the best in the world and he’s the second best.

“He’s got no love for me, Deontay Wilder, because you know why, because I beat him three times.

“I’m a sportsman. I went over to him to show some love and respect and he didn’t want to give it back. That’s his problem.”

Following the fight, Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott explained why the Bronze Bomber had snubbed Fury.

“Deontay looks at Fury as a man he had serious issues with concerning allegations and things he’d seen,” he told ESNEWS.

“After they released all that energy, he still felt the way he felt.”

Wilder has since been handed a six-month medical suspension by The Nevada State Athletic Commission. The 35-year-old was immediately taken to hospital, where he was reported to have suffered a broken hand.

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