QUIZ: Name these 28 football clubs from their badges 2 years ago

QUIZ: Name these 28 football clubs from their badges

It's that time again.

There you were, mindlessly scrolling through your social media feed to try and cure your boredom and then BOOM... there it was: another magnificently put-together football quiz, courtesy of your good friends at JOE.


This time, it's a European Cup special.

Taking 28 different badges from club sides that have competed in the European Cup (or Champions League, as it's been known for the last quarter of a century or so), we've removed all the letters from them.

All you have to do is identify the club to which each badge belongs from the three options we've provided below. Simple.

We're not going to lie, it starts off ridiculously easy - so easy that we don't need to tell you that the answer to the first question is Real Madrid - gradually becoming more difficult as it goes on.

28 points to get. Off you go...