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18th Oct 2015

Moto GP rider kills seagull with a headbutt during Australian Grand Prix (Video)


When you’re racing a motorbike at over 200 mph, there isn’t much time to think about any obstacles that might happen to be in your way.

If something blocks your view, all you can do is rely on instinct – which is exactly what Moto GP rider Andrea Iannone did on Sunday.

As the race leader came into a corner on the second lap, he encountered a seagull that had been sitting on the track.

The poor bird desperately tried to fly out of the way, but met a pretty abrupt end as Iannone caught it full-on with his helmet…

The 30-year-old went on to finish third, and joked afterwards: “The seagull wait on me for the kiss, but I told him wait on me before the race, not the second lap.

“It is difficult but it is better him fly before I arrive because I would clip him with the front tyre and for sure I would go down.”