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24th Feb 2019

James Gallagher reacted furiously to Bellator official trying to separate him from his mother

'Don't touch my mother!'

Darragh Murphy

Don’t get in the way of James Gallagher and his family

Family means more to Gallagher than anything and the Irish bantamweight was quick to celebrate with his mother and father after Saturday’s win over Steven Graham in the main event of Bellator’s return to Dublin.

As he predicted just days earlier, ‘The Strabanimal’ secured victory with a first-round rear naked choke and silenced all critics with a thoroughly dominant performance this weekend.

There was clearly plenty of adrenaline coursing through Gallagher’s body after the submission, which came at the midway point of the opening frame, and his passion threatened to boil over in the moments prior to the official result as he didn’t take kindly to a Bellator official’s attempt to break up his celebration with his mother.

Gallagher’s mother, Doreen, dived into her son’s arms to celebrate the win but a Bellator employee clearly didn’t appreciate the family bond and attempted to separate them.

Gallagher responded furiously, roaring “don’t touch my mother” before calmness was restored and he was able to pay tribute to his family in his post-fight interview.

“The best part about it all… my Granda is very sick back home but he was able to watch me on Sky Sports,” Gallagher said. “Soldier, this one’s for you!

“And I would not be here today if it wasn’t for my mother and father standing here.

“It’s my mother’s birthday on Tuesday. Tonight we celebrate!”