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31st Dec 2018

Cat Zingano shows off nasty effects of toe poke to her eye

Her eyeball is in a bad way

Darragh Murphy

Eye pokes are a serious issue in mixed martial arts

So often we see fingers accidentally dig into fighters’ eyes when an opponent is attempting to gauge distance with an extended hand.

Officials have started clamping down on it in recent years because of the frequency of eye pokes in the Octagon and the impact they have on fights.

On Saturday night, we saw the rare case of a toe poking an eye when Megan Anderson claimed a bizarre TKO victory over Cat Zingano at UFC 232.

The featherweight bout lasted no longer than a minute and ended in anti-climatic fashion when Anderson forced the finish with a slicing toenail to Zingano’s eye.

Referee Marc Goddard jumped in to save a squinting Zingano from further damage and the former 135lbs title challenger has since shown off the damage she sustained before asking her followers whether they think a toe poking into an eye should be treated differently to a finger.

Zingano wrote: “I was worried my eye was ruptured. They say I’ll be OK tonight. Thanks to everyone for your concern.

“What are your thoughts on a finger digit poke vs a toe digit poke being ruled a TKO?”

The desperately unlucky ending to Saturday’s fight has prompted calls for a rematch and Australia’s Anderson is happy to run it back with Zingano.

She said: “All well wishes to Cat and hope she is OK. Like I said post-fight, more than happy to give it to her again if that’s what she wants.”