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10th Apr 2024

Man United could qualify for the Champions League with a 6th place finish due to strange new rule

Joseph Loftus

Huge news.

Manchester United could qualify for the Champions League even if they finish in sixth place due to a change in the rules from Uefa.

Erik ten Hag’s side are currently 11 points behind Aston Villa with just seven games left of the season after failing to win any of their last three games.

United drew with Liverpool last Sunday, they were beat by Chelsea a few days earlier, and drew with Brentford the week before.

Miraculously, however, there’s still a chance that United could qualify for the Champions League.

How? Well, England are expected to receive an additional Champions League place as one of the two countries (alongside Italy) acting as Uefa co-efficients.

This means that fifth place could see you qualifying for the Champions League and this’ll most likely fall to Tottenham or Villa.

But United could still be in with a chance, if West Ham finish fifth and also win the Europa League, reports The Sun.

West Ham face unbeaten Bayer Leverkusen in the quarter-finals and if they find themselves victorious in the competition, that’ll free up another spot in the Champions League for an English club as the additional place only applies for where one finishes in the domestic league, not Champions League or Europa League successes.

Theoretically this means even finishing seventh could land you in the Champions League, should the winners of the Champions League and the Europa League be English clubs who finish outside of the top four.

Although this won’t be the case this year as Man City and Arsenal are more or less guaranteed a top four spot.

Sixth place is still up for grabs though and it’s all down to how West Ham approach their next few games.

While it’s certainly unlikely, it does all hang in the balance.

It’s an intense wait for Man United.

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