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25th Jan 2022

Luke Shaw’s old tweet about Man Utd teammate Ronaldo resurfaces on social media

Daniel Brown

‘Always been in Messi’s shadow’

Luke Shaw’s old tweet about Manchester United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo has resurfaced on social media, with the left-back voicing his opinion on the longstanding Lionel Messi vs Ronaldo debate.

In 2013 – when Shaw was playing for Southampton, Ronaldo was winning trophies for Real Madrid and Messi was breaking records at Barcelona – the rivalry between two of the best players in history was at its peak.

People love to name their champion, and some old tweets have revealed who Shaw favoured out of the pair – admittedly, it was nine years ago.

In a Twitter exchange with former Saints teammate, Jamal Branker, the England left-back revealed his allegiance to the Argentine, somewhat slamming Ronaldo in the process.

Shaw praised Messi for regularly delivering on big occasions, before, one year later, replying to a Twitter user to remind him of the former Barcelona forward’s incredible achievement.

The Englishman was asked, “What can he do that Ronaldo can’t?”, to which he replied: “scored 91 goals in a year. Has Ronaldo done that?”

Even when the defender praised Ronaldo – also in 2013 – he managed to get a sly Messi-related dig in there when he stated that, while the Portuguese star has ‘always been in Messi’s shadow’, his performance was ‘unstoppable’.

The aforementioned tweet came after Real Madrid beat Barcelona in the Copa del Rey semi-final in 2013 – where Ronaldo scored a brace to send Madrid into the final of the competition.

While the tweets came many years ago, they could make for an interesting topic of conversation in the Red Devils dressing room if they are discussed, even if that comes in a light-hearted manner.

It remains to be seen whether or not Shaw is still part of ‘Team Messi’, especially considering that he is now playing alongside the Portuguese captain Old Trafford.

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