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31st May 2019

Liverpool fan buys £40 car and drives to Madrid to avoid £800 flights

Wayne Farry


That’s one way to get to Madrid

Liverpool face Tottenham Hotspur in the UEFA Champions League final in Madrid on Saturday – which of course you already knew – and tickets over to the Spanish capital are not cheap.

Fans who want to travel over to Madrid for the game will have a choice to make with regards to how they make it there. Flights are very expensive, as is to be expected, and this has left some fans looking for alternative travel.

One such fan is YouTuber Simon Wilson, who opted to travel in a very cheap car instead of shelling out hundreds of pounds for flight tickets.

Wilson is undertaking the endeavour as part of a video for his YouTube channel, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive.

“I’ll be uploading a couple of videos, but the reason I’m doing this is not just for YouTube,” he said to the Liverpool Echo.

“I was lucky enough to get a ticket in the ballet through my season ticket, but because the ballot wasn’t announced until recently, I didn’t want to book transport.

“When I looked online, the transport was so expensive [that] it was ridiculous, the flights were around £800.”

Faced with the prospect of spending a ludicrous amount of money on tickets to Madrid, Wilson instead found himself a Škoda Favorit GLXI with the help of his brother Ben.

After a quick look online, Ben sorted him out with what he needed.

“I rang up my brother, Ben Wilson, and asked him how much was the cheapest car we could get,” he said.

“When he told me I was like ‘just buy it now, we will worry about it afterwards’.”

“I just thought, I’ve got a spare seat in the car and one of my subscribers, who have travelled with before, is a massive Tottenham fan,” Wilson said.

“But he works full time and is not fortunate to go to the matches, but now he’ll get to soak up the atmosphere.”

The match between Liverpool and Tottenham kicks off at 8pm UK time in Madrid, and will be aired live on BT Sport and for free on the BT Sport YouTube channel.