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26th Dec 2017

Lewis Hamilton attracts criticism for ‘gender-shaming’ his young nephew

Many people find this very offensive and damaging.


It was probably meant in jest but not everyone is amused.

Lewis Hamilton has caused something of a social media shit storm by questioning his nephew’s choice of Christmas present. In fact many are accusing him of ‘gender-shaming’ his young relative in a video the F1 champion uploaded.

That’s because the child in question seemingly asked for – and got – a Disney-style princess, and Hamilton filmed a presumably tongue-in-cheek reaction admonishing his nephew for making the choice.

He used a mock-angry tone, asking the kid: “Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas? Boys don’t wear princess dresses!” The child seemed unabashed and laughed at his uncle. But as you can see below, many have found the reaction totally unnecessary, and even damaging.