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15th Oct 2021

Jurgen Klopp labels Newcastle United as next footballing “superpower”

Callum Boyle

“For us, it just means there is a new superpower”

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has described Newcastle United as the latest footballing “superpower” following their takeover by a Saudi-led consortium.

Since the change of ownership, Newcastle are now listed as one of the richest clubs in football, with an estimated worth of £32obillion.

Klopp is fully aware that the Magpies have the capability of becoming a force to be reckoned with and claimed it was similar to the plans of the failed Super League.

As per Sky Sports, he said: “What will it mean for football? A few months ago, we had a massive issue in the football world with 12 clubs trying to build a Super League.

“It didn’t happen but this is kind of creating a ‘super team’ if you want. It is pretty much the same. Guaranteed spot in the Champions League. In a few years’ time, not immediately. With how financial fair play is used nowadays where nobody knows exactly whether it is still existing or not.

“Newcastle fans will love it of course but of course for us, it just means there is a new superpower in Newcastle. I can’t avoid that.

The takeover has been met with controversy, with Newcastle stressing that they are not controlled by the Saudi state.

However, the Liverpool boss highlighted that they aren’t the only club to be “owned by a country” – referring to Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City as other examples.

“As far as I know it is the third club to be owned by a country,” Klopp said. “I am not sure how many countries are out there to have the financial power and interest to do so.”

“I was waiting for an official statement from Richard Masters or somebody else.

“We all know there are obviously concerns about human rights issues. I think it is all clear that we think the same there.”

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