John McGinn asks for a bottle of Coke at Euros press conference 11 months ago

John McGinn asks for a bottle of Coke at Euros press conference

That dry Scottish wit is quick as you like

John McGinn weighed in perfectly on the ongoing Coca-Cola, branded drinks and product placement saga, as he arrived for his pre-match press conference ahead of Scotland's game against England this friday.


Walking up to the press conference table - now stripped bare of its commercial dressings - McGinn sat down and joked, "nae coke?" Touché, Johnny boy.


As much as a fair bit has been made of the drink-based debacle, the 26-year-old did a good job of reminding us of how funny it is. A load of big corporate heads are spinning just because Ronaldo moved a couple bottles out of frame and recommended people drink water - so much so, in fact, that the fizzy drink giants have lost billions.

It's great patter, to be fair and as you can see, the entire media room chuckles along with him. While there is an aspect of sticking it to capitalists and consumerism for some - and fair play, we'll take a win, however small, wherever we can get it - it's all just a bit daft really.

He isn't the only one to have seen the funny side either, as Russian head coach Stanislav Cherchesov decided to crack open a cold Coke and take a deep swig for all the camera to see - either that or big Vlad was on the blower earlier and told him to make sure he necked that bad boy.

CR7, Pogba, Locatelli, Cherchesov and now McGinn had their 'Coke moment' (not that kind, naughty) - who will be next?