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01st Jul 2015

John Guidetti going bats**t crazy yet again at victory parade for Euro win

Ben Kenyon

How are we going to cope all summer without John Guidetti up in our grill with his antics?

The Sweden U21 striker has been absolute gold these past few weeks – first turning up for a kickabout with a young Stockholm lad, then getting all boisterous and chanting his own name in a bizarre TV interview.

Well, lucky for us Guidetti fans, he’s been at it again – this time at a parade to celebrate Sweden’s victory in the U21 European Championship.

He appears to be going bats**t crazy and screaming down a microphone while a sea of yellow Swedes yell back at him.

“Vi är Svenska fans allihopa,” which we have it on good authority means “We are all Swedish fans.”

We are John, we all are.