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24th Sep 2015

Jimmy Bullard knows just how to sort out Diego Costa’s bully-boy ways

We'd love to see this one happen...

Kevin McGillicuddy

Why has no-one ever thought of this before?

Bad boy of the Premier League, Diego Costa, is set to serve a three-match ban for his carry antics in the win over Arsenal at Stamford Bridge.

The Spain international’s tangle with Gabriel Paulista has seen the FA hit him with a hefty suspension.

But one former midfielder thinks he has the solution to finally clamp down on Costa; by putting him in an octagon with Conor McGregor.

Writing in his column in the Star today Jimmy Bullard feels the Irishman would be the ideal candidate to knock some sense, in, or out, of the former Atletico Madrid man.

“I ain’t happy with Diego Costa. Look mate, if you want a fight, go and join the UFC.”

“Go and fight Conor McGregor and show us what you’ve really got. The bloke’s a lemon. He needs a good kick up the arse.”

“In my day we had Big Duncan Ferguson and he was a hardman, simple as that. He wasn’t trying to be something he wasn’t.”

“Costa is going round picking fights and trying to bully young kids. I don’t like all that. I go and watch football to see football, not fights.”

Conor McGregor is already set to face Jose Aldo this year, but we reckon he’d love a crack at the Chelsea man too.