Jamie Carragher hilariously denied from seeing Steven Gerrard in tunnel at Villa Park 1 month ago

Jamie Carragher hilariously denied from seeing Steven Gerrard in tunnel at Villa Park

Turns out being famous doesn't get you everywhere

No matter how big a name you may be, sometimes even that's not enough to get you in to exclusive places, as Sky Sports' Jamie Carragher found out.


Carragher was at Villa Park working as part of Sky's coverage of Aston Villa's game against Liverpool on Tuesday in which Villa boss Steven Gerrard went up against his former team.

Carragher was stopped by a member of staff at Villa Park

Both Carragher and Gerrard played together for Liverpool so naturally at any opportunity to see each other, they would try and catch up.


However as Carragher took his Instagram followers on a journey round Villa Park in an attempt to find his former teammate, he came to a stumbling block inside the tunnel.

The former defender was walking through until he was approached by a member of Villa staff, who at first didn't seem to recognise who Carragher was, before informing him that he couldn't be in the tunnel area.

Carragher then asked if it would be okay and explained that he was "Steven Gerrard's mate," before then saying: "He [Gerrard] said it was alright, is that not OK, or...?"


Despite Carragher's attempts, the employee remained professional and politely asked to see the pundit's accreditation before informing him that he only had pitch side access, and not tunnel access.

Carragher and Gerrard never did reunite

To Carragher's delight he was told that if Gerrard agreed to see him then he would be allowed to stay, but his friend never answered, most likely because he was focused on the game.


Following the ordeal Carragher then returned to work himself, where he saw Liverpool return level on points with league leaders Manchester City after they came from behind to win 2-1.

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