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19th Jun 2022

Jamie Carragher slams Man United fans for filming meeting with club CEO Richard Arnold

Callum Boyle

Fans had planned to protest outside Arnold’s home on Saturday

Jamie Carragher has appeared to criticise Manchester United fans for filming their meeting with the club’s chief executive officer, Richard Arnold.

A small group of United fans had arranged to hold a ‘peaceful and legal’ protest at the gates of Arnold’s Cheshire property on Saturday afternoon, with organisers preparing a number of banners demanding the Glazers and Arnold leave the club. They had arranged to meet in a pub close to Arnold’s home before the protest started.

But after being informed about the meeting, Arnold arrived at the pub – to the surprise of those planning to protest – and had a lengthy discussion with supporters, discussing varying issues the club faces.

Arnold spoke openly and honestly with the group in a Cheshire pub

Jamie Carragher Man United Richard Arnold

One source who was at the meeting told JOE that Arnold was asking for a ‘clean slate’ while video clips shared to Twitter show the newly-appointed CEO admitting that United had ‘burned through cash’ and that the the last 12 months have been a ‘f***ing nightmare’.

“By the time most of the lads had got there they were ripping into him, saying the Glazers have done f*** all for the last 17 years,” one of the group – who spoke directly to Arnold said.

“We’re not making him [Arnold] out to be a hero, but we respect the fact he came out to see us and speak about things.

“He’s basically asking for a clean slate because he’s just started his role. He’s saying that none of the last 17 years is his fault.”

Carragher appeared to criticise those who filmed the meeting

But while the clip shows the transparency and honesty that United fans want to see from the club’s hierarchy, Carragher has appeared to criticise those who publicised the interview.

“Every fan moans about not getting access to people at the top of their club, this is the reason why they don’t. Fair play to Richard Arnold,” he tweeted on Sunday.

Arnold was named as United’s CEO in January having previously held the position of Group Managing Director. He replaced Ed Woodward, who stepped down from his position as the club’s Executive Vice-Chairman on February 1.

The new CEO also confirmed during the conversation that new boss, Erik ten Hag, would have money to spend as the Red Devils prepare for an almighty rebuild.

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