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24th Jan 2023

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville clash with Premier League predictions

Lee Costello

These two don’t agree on much to be fair.

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville clashed, yet again, on Monday Night Football when predicting how the Premier League table will finish this season.

Carragher believes that Arsenal will lift the title come the end of the year, but Neville still thinks that Manchester City will pip them to the post in the end.

The former United star believes that City haven’t got into fifth gear yet, and once they start getting into the swing of things then they will chase Mikel Arteta’s team right to the wire, and experience will see them over the line.

Carragher Neville

However, his Liverpudlian co-host thinks that Pep Guardiola’s obsession with the Champion’s League and the fact that they have won the league so many times already will mean that come the latter stages, it simply won’t be much of a priority for them.

What may be more controversial however, is the fact that Neville picked Man United to finish ahead of the Gooners, something that Arsenal fans will not be happy to hear about.

The Mancunian was at his wits end for the amount of stick he’s received for making wrong predictions in the past and was clearly agitated at having to it yet again.

However, he was willing to give Arteta the Manager of the Year award, so it’s not like he isn’t recognising their achievements so far this season.

Carragher interestingly predicted that Newcastle would take fourth place above his beloved Liverpool, who he doesn’t foresee getting one of the European spots come May time.

Surpisinly they did agree on who would be Player of the year, but it was rather unsurprising given that Erling Haaland is the very obvious choice.

Of course, these two have been wrong before and nothing is set in stone, but they have also been right before, and it will make for interesting viewing come the end of the season to see whose predictions came closest.

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