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29th Jun 2017

Manchester United fan suffers the ultimate humiliation on his stag in Barcelona

Poor chap...

Conor Heneghan

Full kit wa**er.

You probably know what’s coming.

If you’re looking to inflict maximum embarrassment on a friend on one last wild weekend away before he gets married and if that friend happens to be a stone mad Manchester United fan…

… then you dress him up in a full Liverpool kit and make him parade around in it for as long as possible.

But Adrian Wall, the Manchester United fan in question who departed for Barcelona on his stag do on Thursday morning, has only himself to blame.

Last season, Adrian made a bet with a friend that United would finish above Liverpool in the Premier League and if they didn’t, his forfeit was to wear a full Liverpool kit on his stag.

Liverpool, of course, managed to finish two places above their arch rivals in the league and so Adrian set off for Barcelona with his pals from Limerick in Ireland clad head to toe in a Liverpool kit, complete with Liverpool cap, scarf and school bag for good measure.

One of the stag party, Peter Markham, tells us that Adrian is required to wear the entire get-up all day and all night Thursday and speaking to JOE in the morning, with most of the day left to go, Adrian described the experience as “horrific”.

The stag party is hanging around until Sunday so Adrian will have a few days to recover from the experience; safe to say he might be a bit more careful throwing out ideas for humiliating forfeits in future.

Cheers to Peter Markham and Adrian Wall for their help with this one.