Inter Milan ultras release ominous statement ahead of Romelu Lukaku return 1 month ago

Inter Milan ultras release ominous statement ahead of Romelu Lukaku return

Lukaku has agreed to return to Inter Milan on loan

Inter Milan's ultras group, the Curva Nord, have released a statement warning Romelu Lukaku that he will have to earn back their respect.


Lukaku is set to return to the Italian side on loan after Inter and Chelsea agreed a fee in the region of €8m following a disappointing season last year in the Premier League.

But a large section of the Inter support are not as keen to see Lukaku return to the San Siro in particular, the Curva Nord, who have actively labelled the forward as a 'traitor' following his £97m departure last summer.

Last season, ahead of his departure, the fans unveiled a banner which read: "It doesn’t matter who runs away when it rains, it counts who stays when it storm. Ciao Romelu."


In a statement posted to Instagram, the Curva Nord said that they will not "cheer against Lukaku" however they requested that fans do not use scarves and banners made by the group to welcome him back.

It said: "The Curva Nord supports Inter and will not make any objection to the player (despite last summer’s behaviour). Given this, no one should go to welcome him with scarves or banners of the Curva or of the groups that it has. Everything that will be done for him in the future, he will have to earn it on the pitch with humility and sweat. He was supported (and treated) like a King, now he is like a lot of the others.


"Let us also be clear to everyone that we will never cheer against Lukaku if he wears the Inter shirt again.

"However, we invite all Inter fans not to fall into the opposite trap, that of running immediately and drooling about him. In addition to a clear instinctive emotional aspect, pretending that nothing has happened would only give a further acceleration to that process that has been going on for years – aimed at making us all stupid and supine consumers. We are not people who are at the mercy of the moves of players and clubs. We took note of Lukaku’s betrayal and we were very upset. To a footballer these things can be forgiven over time, but [for us] they will stay."


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