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03rd Nov 2015

Ian Ayre explains who really calls the shots on Liverpool’s transfer committee

Only one man is in charge

Gareth Makim

The inner workings of Liverpool’s infamous transfer committee has long been a source of fascination.

Despite all the protestations from inside the club of a harmonious and perfectly functioning meeting of minds, the transfer committee is more generally considered by fans and media to be somewhere south of serene.

Speaking at the 2015 Web Summit, Liverpool’s CEO Ian Ayre insisted that the final call on all signings rests with Jurgen Klopp, just as it did with Brendan Rodgers before him.

Liverpool Unveil New Manager Jurgen Klopp

It was in the wake of Rodgers’ sacking last month that stories emerged of supposed barter arrangements between the Northern Irishman and the transfer committee.

There were suggestions that Rodgers gave the OK to the signing of Roberto Firmino, a player the transfer committee wanted, in exchange for him being allowed to sign Christian Benteke.

But while Ayre admits that there is no time for a manager to travel the world scouting and casting an eye over transfer targets and meeting agents and player representatives, it is the head coach (in this case Jurgen Klopp) who makes the final call.