Harry Kane responds perfectly to Piers Morgan's Arsenal shirt tweet 3 years ago

Harry Kane responds perfectly to Piers Morgan's Arsenal shirt tweet

By now, you've probably heard that Piers Morgan intends to remain silent on Friday in a bid to raise money for Comic Relief.

"In support of Red Nose Day, I have begrudgingly agreed to stop tweeting, writing, broadcasting and just generally running off at the mouth for 24 whole hours," he explained earlier in the week.

"As you can imagine, this doesn’t come naturally and I anticipate some relentless taunting (I’m looking at you, Gary Lineker…)"

Not only this, Morgan, an Arsenal supporter, went one stage further by promising to wear a Tottenham shirt if the Birtish public managed to raise £50,000 (you can donate here)

"So if you would like to see me suffer a great humiliation for a great cause, sponsor me now," he added.

Having told you on Wednesday of how Gary Lineker intended to raise the stakes, it seems Lord Sugar has also been working hard to spread the word.

After Lord Sugar encouraged Harry Kane to donate, the Spurs striker tweeted that he'd double his donation if Morgan agreed to kiss the Tottenham badge.

Morgan responded by digging up that widely circulated picture of a young Kane dressed in an Arsenal shirt, attending the 2004 title winning parade.

Kane soon responded , using his goal-scoring record in north London derbies to remind Morgan of where his allegiances lay.

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