Gary Lineker raises the stakes after Piers Morgan makes Red Nose Day pledge 3 years ago

Gary Lineker raises the stakes after Piers Morgan makes Red Nose Day pledge

Gary Neville has also got involved. There's no way Morgan can keep this pledge!

Much like the rivalry between Spurs and Arsenal, it's likely that the friendly 'feud' between Gary Lineker and Piers Morgan will never go away. As we all know, both broadcasters are more than willing to engage in a friendly bit of back and forth on Twitter, but it's not just their views about football that sees them engaged in some light bickering.

What do we mean by this? Well, let's just say that both men have different opinions when it comes to their political ideology.

Whether you like or loath Piers Morgan, there's no denying that he's never short of an opinion and a platform to express it. Ina  very welcome turn,, The Good Morning Britain host and Daily Mail columnist is going to shut up for the entirety of Red Nose Day as he aims to raise money for charity (you can donate here)

He says "In support of Red Nose Day, I have begrudgingly agreed to stop tweeting, writing, broadcasting and just generally running off at the mouth for 24 whole hours. As you can imagine, this doesn’t come naturally and I anticipate some relentless taunting (I’m looking at you, Gary Lineker…).​

"If the British public raises £50,000, I will shut up to an even greater degree... by wearing a Spurs shirt. So if you would like to see me suffer a great humiliation for a great cause, sponsor me now."

Given Morgan's love of whipping up the #WengerOut sentiment and expressing his admiration for Donald Trump, Lineker and Gary Neville reckon that he won't be able to make it 24 hours without "running off at the mouth".

In fact, Lineker and Neville were more than happy to raise the stakes of the bet.

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville also did his part to boost funds. In fact, Lord Sugar even followed suit and remarked that his donation was the "bargain of the century."

What do you reckon, can Piers keep his pie hole shut for a whole day?

All things considered, regardless about your feelings towards Morgan, anything that can help raise funds for charity is very welcome.

Fair play to him and everyone else that has donated.