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10th Oct 2023

Gary Neville’s x-rated speech at David Beckham’s wedding goes viral

Callum Boyle

Gary Neville David Beckham

Who knew Gary Neville was so funny?

A speech Gary Neville gave at David Beckham’s wedding has gone viral after the clip resurfaced on the new Netflix documentary.

Beckham, a four-part documentary, landed on Netflix this week.

In the programme Beckham’s life at Inter Miami is documented as well as reflecting on past moments in his career and personal life.

There have been many standout moments, including one which saw David hilariously mock Victoria for claiming she grew up in a working class family.

The one clip though that has left most people in stitches though is Neville’s wedding speech when David married Victoria.

Neville was best man on the big day back in July 1999, shortly after Manchester United had completed a historic Treble.

United celebrated wildly after winning the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League, which Neville used as inspiration for his speech.

Gary Neville David Beckham

He said: “We have got some distinguished guests present ladies and gentlemen.

“David said the Spice Girls requested that the Bayern Munich team be present today and David said he was puzzled at this request and asked why.

“The Spice Girls replied they wanted to meet any man who can be on top for 90 minutes and still come second.”

His comments left viewers in hysterics, with one person saying: “Dying at Gary Neville’s speech at Beckham’s wedding.”

A second said: “Gary Neville’s best man speech at Beckham’s wedding is absolutely priceless.

“Seen the first two episodes so far… Struggle to imagine there could be a better scene than Gary Neville’s best man speech,” said a third.

Another wrote: “Gary Neville speech about Bayern at Beckham’s wedding is f*****g class.”

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