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12th Feb 2024

Footballer struck and killed by lightning during game

Content Warning: Some people may find the video below disturbing


Footballer killed by lightning

The chilling moment was caught on camera

Warning: Some people may find the video below distressing

A footballer has been tragically killed after he was struck by lightning during a game in Indonesia.

A chillung video caught the moment the lighting bolt struck the player, who immediately collapsed at Siliwangi Stadium in Bandung, West Java.

He was later identified as Septain Raharja, 35, who was competing in the friendly game between  2 FLO FC Bandung and FBI Subang.

Local outlet PRFM News said that he was initially still breathing shortly after the incident but sadly died soon after being taken to hospital.

The horrifying clip has gone viral on social media and fans and players around the world have offered their condolences.

“This is the stuff of my nightmares. I lived through the San Francisco “Quake of ‘89” that ended game 3 of the Baseball World Series. Hence, I had an irrational fear of sports natural disasters throughout my entire athletic career,” said one user.

Another commented: “That left me speechsless I mean man wtf what are the odds? It was direct hit.”

A similar incident occurred only 12 months ago

It’s the second time a player from Indonesia has been struck by lightning in the last 12 months.

A young football player in Bojonegoro, East Java was struck by lightning during the Soeratin U-13 Cup in 2023.

He was taken to hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest but was successfully revived after medical assistance and regained consciousness after approximately 20 minutes.

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