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28th Jun 2018

WATCH: Mexico fans celebrate outside South Korean embassy after Germany suffer shock exit from World Cup

World Cups are wonderful

Reuben Pinder

The World Cup is wonderful

There is a lot wrong with football. Corruption, gamesmanship, the exploitation of fans, the list goes on. But there’s also a lot right with football.

Sometimes, in spite of everything that clouds the beautiful game, football makes you smile, laugh, and feel warm inside. For instance, Germany getting knocked out of the World Cup in the group stage. Makes you smile, doesn’t it? It’s about time they suffered some heartbreak, having been so relentlessly good for so long.

But what followed an incredible two hours between 3pm and 5pm was even more heartwarming.

South Korea’s win over Germany not only knocked Germany out but also saved Mexico from being eliminated too. Sweden pulled off a shock 3-0 win over Mexico, who had beaten Germany in the first round of games, in what turned out to be a completely bonkers group.

In a gesture of gratitude to South Korea for saving their World Cup hopes, a group of Mexican fans were seen celebrating outside the Korean embassy and parading a Korean fan around the streets of Russia.

It was happening everywhere as these videos show.

World Cups are wonderful.