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29th Apr 2018

WATCH: Marcelo pulls off touch of the season in Real Madrid training ground footage

This is almost offensively good

Wayne Farry

Well, this is just disgusting.

There are some types of skill in football which make you come close to weeping when you see them. A peach of a free-kick into the top corner, a back-heeled flick over the head of a defender, or a fingertip save from a stretching goalkeeper have all provided such moments in the past.

More that most, though, it is the subtle, seemingly effortless touches which evoke the strongest responses in each of us, leaving us recoiling in shocked ecstasy at what we have just seen with our eyes.

Real Madrid left-wing-back Marcelo is a man of enormous talent and as such is no stranger to pulling out a touch the likes of which would make us sell our own granny for. He did against Bayern Munich in midweek and, yes, he has done it yet again.

In a Real Madrid training clip posted on social media, the former Fluminese man can be seen casually chatting to teammate Mateo Kovacic as the sun shines down upon their backs.

They appear to be having fun, utterly unconcerned with the balls being knocked about around them. That is until a ball appears from the top right corner of the screen and Marcelo – doing nothing more than looking into the Croat’s eyes – lifts his foot and in the blink of an eye controls with a touch so deft and accurate it would be illegal in some American states.

What more can be said about it? Not much. It is simply beautiful. It’s poetry. It’s music. It’s love.

And for those of you who haven’t seen his touch against Bayern, just sit back, watch it and enjoy the rest of your day.