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15th Jun 2018

Vuvuzelas are back at the World Cup and people are angry

That unmistakable drone

Wayne Farry

Today has been an interesting one at the World Cup

We’ve had the sight of a frankly painful amount of empty seats during the match between Uruguay and Egypt, with fans clearly preferring to stay away for the second match of the tournament.

Thankfully, empty seats aren’t the only topic of conversation though as the return of the infamous vuvuzela has ensured that that is all we’re talking about, or at least trying to talk about over the low drone of the horn.

The instrument, which introduced itself to the world at the 2010 World Cup, came roaring back into our poor defenceless eardrums during Morocco’s Group B game with Iran, where it could be heard quietly at first, before taking over absolutely everything.

Unsurprisingly the noise was not universally welcomed, and football fans the world over let their feelings be known quite frankly.