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15th Jun 2022

UEFA planning another tournament because football obviously needs more matches

Callum Boyle

UEFA tournament

The football will officially be going on forever

UEFA have decided to test just how long footballers can play until they spontaneously combust, with rumours of a new competition being added to the calendar from 2024.

Marca has reported that the European football governing body want to run a tournament that will take place at the start of the season and run until the beginning of the Champions League campaign.

The competition will comprise four teams, with the winners of the Champions League taking one slot, and is likely to take place in the United States. Because nothing says Europe like the US and hearing the Star Spangled Banner.

As this new competition would feature the winners of the Champions League, it would then lead to the UEFA Super Cup being contested between the winner of the Europa League and the Conference League.

UEFA have been keen to host a tournament like this for some time and could pick the ‘three most successful teams’ from the continent to join the Champions League winners.

Fixtures would be played in August, featuring two semi finals and a final in a tournament that would give clubs ‘more to play for.’

Their aim is to have the tournament up and running by 2024 – the same year the ‘new and improved’ Champions League format is supposed to start.

Whether these plans go through or not is another question but the idea of extra fixture lists is only going to anger managers and players alike even more. If you listen close enough you can hear Jurgen Klopp moaning about the fixture pile-up already.

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