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10th Jun 2018

Trent Alexander-Arnold makes heartwarming gesture to fan who couldn’t afford to get name printed on England shirt

Trent is generous. Be like Trent

Reuben Pinder

This is just lovely

There’s too much negativity in football. But every now and then, a lovely story comes along to remind us that there are plenty of footballers who are generous, humble and enjoy giving back to the community.

A young England and Liverpool fan tweeted that they wanted to get Trent Alexander-Arnold printed on the back of his England shirt – the right-back has been a sensation this season, going from virtually a complete unknown to starting for England.

The fan also mentioned in the tweet that getting customised names printed onto football shirts costs ¬£1 per letter. Alexander-Arnold is not exactly the cheapest name to get, then. He reluctantly accepted that he would have to make do with the player’s first, much shorter name on the back and just go with ‘Trent’, before Trent himself stepped in.

Someone clearly flagged this tweet up to him, and the Liverpool youngster decided to make a small, but lovely gesture.

Alexander-Arnold offered to sort the young fan out with a fresh England shirt, with name and number printed on the back, out of his own pocket.

It goes without saying that the cost of this gesture is peanuts to a professional footballer earning thousands per week, but he did not have to do it. More footballers should be like Trent Alexander-Arnold.