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04th Jul 2018

This video of England fans celebrating in pubs shows how much it meant to the country

Wil Jones

England and penalties don’t really go together

Well, that was the case until Tuesday night.

England’s penalty shoot-out victory over Colombia was the first ever in the Three Lions’ World Cup history.

Gareth Southgate’s side went into the shoot-out after a tense 1-1 draw with Jose Pekerman’s team, and the weight of history was evident as players and coaches assembled prior to the shoot-out.

But thanks to the heroics of Jordan Pickford, they won the shoot-out 4-3, with Eirc Dier taking the last spot kick.

Back home in England, people went as crazy as you’d expect – as this montage of fans celebrating in pubs across the country shows.

What’s the plan for Saturday then, guys?