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24th May 2018

The search for the most cringeworthy Liverpool banner is over

Good Lord. Even Liverpool fans will cringe at these.


Liverpool are famed for their banners.

Few clubs in the world, and certainly in British football, can compete with the Anfield faithful when it comes to the quality and quantity of their flag game. Whether they be comical, serious, political or puntastic in nature, they certainly add to the atmosphere and colour of most games, especially in Europe.

A great example was the superb chequered flag dedicated to Liverpool fan Sean Cox, who was attacked during first leg of Liverpool’s Champions League’s semi-final with Roma. The return leg in Rome saw the players adopt the flag in a great gesture of support and togetherness.

There are of course other great examples of Anfield iconography and Scouse solidarity in banner form. Below are just a few classics:

But the problem with this sort of thing is that people see the funny ones being shared and praised on social media and think they can do similar. Sadly that’s not always the case. What’s meant to epic turns out to be lame, and intended wit can come across as pure cheese.

Ahead of the Champions League Final against the mighty Real Madrid, Liverpool fans everywhere have done into overdrive trying to create the most eye-catching flags – with mixed results. It’s fair to say that some of them are so bad that they have fellow supporters cringing hard into their red scarves.

Here are some of the dodgiest ones…

But it gets worse. These two are contenders for the absolute pits…for sheer weirdness and grammar failure:

However, the worst of the lot? It’s this effort. 10/10 for effort, but if you’re going to go to all the effort of creating a giant tribute to James Milner, at least double-check how to spell James Milner.