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06th Nov 2023

The Chase viewers baffled over ‘free kick own goal’ question that leaves Bradley Walsh stunned

Callum Boyle

The Chase

Even the most die hard of football fans would struggle with this

Fans of ITV quiz show The Chase were left baffled by a question related to football.

It was so hard that even Bradley Walsh couldn’t believe what he was reading while for even the most die hard of football fans, it would’ve been a struggle.

Walsh, who spent time playing for Brentford and Barnet back in the day, was utterly stunned after reading out the question.

It said: “In football, if a direct free-kick goes straight into a team’s own goal, what is awarded to the opposing team?”

Both the contestant and chaser, Shaun Wallace, looked puzzled by the question too.

The three answers were: “goal”, “indirect free-kick” and “corner.”

Despite looking stunned initially, Walsh then claimed that he did know the answer.

“You don’t have to (watch football to know),” he told the contestant.

“If a direct free-kick goes into its team’s own goal, then it’s got to be a goal, because it’s an own goal.”

The contestant’s screen revealed he had chosen corner.

Walsh said: “You’ve put a corner? Why have you done that?

“It’s got to be a goal. A goal’s a goal.”

Lo and behold, the contestant’s answer flashed up green for correct, leaving Walsh shell-shocked.

“I’m not having that!” he exclaimed.

The contestant replied: “Every day’s a school day!”

According to regulation 13 of the FA’s Laws of the Game, they state that a corner kick is the correct procedure if a team hits a direct free kick into their own goal.

Those watching on were equally as confused.

“Wow WTF???” said one user.

“Don’t get that rule at all. Free kick on the edge of the box, defender passes it back to the GK & it goes under his foot & into the goal. How is that not a goal as the ball is back in play from the free kick?” added a second.

A third posted: “I don’t understand why that wouldn’t just be an own goal?”

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