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25th May 2018

Steven Gerrard arrival could spell “trouble” for Scottish Premiership, says Neil Lennon

Lennon said Gerrard "adds to the calibre of manager" in Scotland

Wayne Farry

He clearly thinks Gerrard could win things with Rangers

Steven Gerrard has made quite the impression in Scotland since becoming Rangers manager. He has signed three players – Allan McGregor from Hull City, Scott Arfield from Burnley and Jamie Murphy from Brighton – and added a degree of glamour to a club which has known nothing other than turmoil in recent years.

The position at Ibrox is Gerrard’s first in senior coaching since retiring from his playing career in 2016, and he has a tough task in his quest to knock Celtic off their perch firmly atop Scottish football.

One former Celtic manager has been impressed with Gerrard so far though, and believes that he may well stir things up in Scotland once his side gets going in earnest next season.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Lennon admitted that while Gerrard remains something of an unknown as a coach, his appointment adds to the league’s calibre.

“I think it adds a little bit more glamour to it I suppose.”

“You know, we don’t know what Steven can do as a manager.

“But certainly, if he’s anything like his playing career, the rest of us are in trouble.

“But it just adds to the calibre of manager we already have here.

“I thought it was really competitive last season, some brilliant managerial performances. Steven will add to that no question.”