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26th Apr 2018

Sean Cox’s family release statement after the Irish Liverpool supporter was attacked outside Anfield

"We are completely devastated by what has happened to our lovely, caring, Sean..."

Paul Moore

“All we want is for him to come home.”

Merseyside Police have said that Sean Cox remains in hospital and that he’s in a critical condition at Walton Neurological Centre.

Two Italian men were charged with the attack that left Mr Cox seriously injured. 20-year-old Filippo Lombardi was been charged with violent disorder and wounding/ inflicting grievous bodily harm.
29-year-old Daniele Sciusco has been charged with violent disorder.

The family of Mr Cox, 53, has issued the following statement:

“We want the world to know that Sean is the most amazing and wonderful husband, dad, friend, son, uncle, and brother and he has brought us all nothing but joy. He is a truly decent man who adores Liverpool FC and just came over from his home in County Meath, Ireland, to watch his beloved team.

“We are completely devastated by what has happened to our lovely, caring, Sean and all we want is for him to come home to his loving wife and three children.

“We hope Sean makes a full recovery from the injuries he sustained and that we will all be back together soon as a family in Ireland spending precious time together.”

Since this attack occurred, a fundraising page to help pay for Mr Cox’s medical costs and any additional expenditures that his family may have to incur has raised €38,135.

As a sign of support, the players of Liverpool have also requested a Dunboyne GAA jersey – Cox’s local GAA club – to be placed in the Anfield dressing room ahead of their match against Stoke on Saturday.