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16th Jun 2018

Samuel Umtiti posts perfect response to nightmare handball on Instagram

This is how you respond to making a fool of yourself

Wayne Farry

There are certain ways of dealing with adversity

You either close up, collapsing into yourself like a black hole of utter mortification, or you face it head on, accepting the consequences of your actions like a responsible adult.

Or you can post a funny picture on Instagram, lampooning yourself to hundreds of thousands of people in the process.

That, you may have guessed, is exactly what Samuel Umtiti did after today’s World Cup match between France and Australia.

The game in question saw France come out 2-1 winners over the Socceroos, but not before Umtiti gifted their opponents with the softest of velvety soft penalties.

Reacting to a free-kick launched into the French box, the Barcelona centre-back appeared to lose control of his motor functions before lifting his arm into the air. His arm – and particularly his hand – then brushed against the ball, in a phase of play which left all of those watching completely confused.

The handball led to a penalty being awarded and scored by the Australians, but thankfully for Umtiti Paul Pogba came through late on to claim all three points for the French.

Umtiti obviously saw the funny of things afterwards, if this Instagram story of him attempting to dunk the ball into a basketball net is anything to by. So, in the end, all’s well that ends well.