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14th Nov 2023

Rob McElhenney shows class by taking selfie with popular Wrexham fan

Rob McElhenney Wrexham

Just brilliant

Rob McElhenney has been widely praised on social media after taking a selfie and spending time with popular Wrexham fan, Millie Tipping.

The club’s co-owner was filmed on Millie’s X account as the two shared their thoughts ahead of Wrexham’s recent game against Gillingham at the weekend.

Millie has become a popular figure amongst the League Two side’s fanbase – as well as other club’s supporters up and down the country – following her appearance on a recent episode of “Welcome to Wrexham”.

In the episode, Millie documents her first-hand experience of her life as someone diagnosed with autism. Millie goes on to meet several of her Wrexham heroes, including Paul Mullin – whose son was also diagnosed with autism – and has now gone on to meet Hollywood actor McElhenney too.

McElhenney and Millie can be seen embracing each other before the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star asks if he can take a photo with Millie.

After sharing the selfie together, the 46-year-old thanked Millie for sharing an insight into her life in the recent docuseries.

Before leaving, Millie asked McElhenney for his score prediction. He then responded by claiming that his co-owner, Ryan Reynolds, doesn’t usually give score predictions.

“He never guesses the score, I don’t know why. I feel like there’s no downside, you’re either right or wrong. If you’re right, you can celebrate. If you’re wrong, you can pretend it didn’t happen,” the 46-year-old explained.

Despite that, McElhenney went for a 3-1 win and wasn’t too far off as Wrexham went on to beat Gillingham 2-0 to continue their strong start to the season.

After seeing the interaction on social media, fans were quick to praise the It’s Always Sunny star.

One person wrote: “Rob was genuinely invested in the conversation. He’s a regular person. I don’t know if many other owners that can pull off what Rob and Ryan do. Be who they are and stay humble at the same time. Well done. Nice interchange. Loved your episode [Millie], from Texas. Much love.”

A second commented: “Millie – I think you’re brilliant, and I think Rob is brilliant too.

“How many owners spend one on one time with their fans. Absolutely Wonderful,” said a third.

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