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23rd Apr 2021

Ray Parlour and Robbie Lyle clash over accusations AFTV want Arsenal to lose

Charlie Herbert

‘Ray, with all due respect, you’re chatting rubbish’

Ray Parlour and Robbie Lyle went at it on talkSPORT, after Parlour suggested that Arsenal Fan TV (AFTV) sometimes want Arsenal to play badly so that the channel gets more views and success.

During a live interview on the radio station, Parlour accused the YouTube channel, which has over 1.3 million subscribers, of profiting off negativity around the club. It was after AFTV founder Robbie Lyle called on Stan Kroenke to leave the club, in the aftermath of the club’s involvement in the Super League fiasco.

In the interview, Robbie said he “wants rid of the owners”, saying: “For me it goes deeper than just a season on the pitch, it’s the way they look after the club. I don’t trust them anymore. Now the trust is completely gone, I just don’t trust them with the future of Arsenal football club. This is beyond our performances on the pitch.

“His only ambition is to make money. For years and years we saw that their only aim was to get into the top four, because the Champions League gets them money. They have never had any ambition to win things.”

But Parlour replied by suggesting that Lyle actually wanted the Gunners to do badly and lose because it increased viewership and subscription rates for the YouTube channel.

The Romford Pele asked him: “Robbie what’s your reaction when certain fans say, and I’m probably one of them, that Arsenal Fan TV wants Arsenal to lose because you get more hits on your YouTube channel?”

He went on to say: “Because, what it is, all the other fans want to see Arsenal fans having a meltdown when we lose a game. I look at Arsenal Fan TV and say sometimes you’re quite an embarrassment to look at it.

“As an Arsenal fan I want them to win every game, I think sometimes you look at it and think, ‘if we lose we’re going to get more hits this week and make more money’.”

Unsurprisingly, Robbie didn’t take too kindly to this suggestion, replying: “What’s this got to do with what we’re talking about? Ray, with all due respect, you’re talking rubbish.”

He goes on to deliver a passionate defence of his love for the club but, as you can see for yourself in the video below, Parlour isn’t having any of it.

Whilst it’s difficult to argue that AFTV doesn’t get more views when Arsenal do badly, it seems a bit of a cheap shot from Parlour here to suggest that Robbie actively wants the club to fail as a result.

And, as Robbie pointed out, it’s not just AFTV that have seen increased viewership from the events of the last week surrounding the Super League.

It seems though, that as long as AFTV continue to exist they will always be a source of controversy for some. But labelling them as the problem with Arsenal may be a step too far.