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27th Apr 2018

Mauricio Pochettino criticises the FA for ’embarrassing’ Harry Kane tweet

“Harry was very sad. But he’s strong in his mind...."

Jack O'Toole

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has criticised the FA for a tweet the association published during the FA Cup semi-final depicting striker Harry Kane in the pocket of Manchester United defender Chris Smalling.

The tweet, which the FA has since apologised to both clubs for, asked Smalling “What’s in your pocket?” and included a short video clip of him responding, “Harry Kane.”

Pochettino revealed at Friday’s press conference that Kane was saddened by the tweet and branded the FA as ’embarrassing’ for its publication.

“It was embarrassing, no? It was a shame, because the FA is English football and Harry Kane is a potential captain in the World Cup. It is difficult to understand, very difficult and they have apologised about that.

“The situation disappointed me. The fact it happened, then they apologised after a few days. But move on. That is the reality. We need to protect our assets, our English players, our young players.

“Harry was very sad. But he’s strong in his mind. He’s moved on. We are helping him to move on. It was a mistake and he needs to move on quick.”

On Monday, the FA announced it had apologised to both Tottenham and Manchester United over the incident.

“We have written to both clubs to apologise for any offence caused,” an FA spokesperson said.