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20th Jun 2018

People think Cristiano Ronaldo is sending a message with new facial hair

He's taking this all rather seriously isn't he?

Reuben Pinder

Is he the GOAT?

Who is the greatest footballer of all time? It’s really between two players: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, unless you have a nostalgic longing for the return of Diego Maradona and take the stance that he was better than both.

This World Cup has reignited the debate after Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in Portugal’s opening game against Spain, stroking his chin after his first goal. Many believed the gesture was meant to signal that he was the ‘GOAT’, and Messi did little to help his case as he missed a penalty against Iceland.

Ronaldo has taken it one step further by growing a goatee beard, a noticeable change from his usual clean shaven look. Many people are inferring this as Ronaldo sending another message, just in case anyone was in doubt that he considers himself the greatest footballer of all time.

He’s taking this rather seriously, isn’t he? Still, if he carries Portugal all the way to a second international trophy in two years, you can’t really argue with him.