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05th Jun 2018

People are livid about a Paddy Power advert in today’s Metro

It didn't go down well at all

Reuben Pinder

When banter goes too far

Betting companies, especially Paddy Power, consider themselves the bastions of banter. They will go to extreme lengths for a few laughs (and thus Retweets) in the name of promoting their brand. And fair enough, we all love a laugh, as long as it’s in good taste, which Paddy Power’s advert in today’s Metro was not, going by the backlash it invited on social media.

The bookmaker took out a wraparound ad in today’s issue of the London daily newspaper, which displayed a polar bear with a St George’s cross dyed into its fur. The image was captioned ‘England ’till I dye’. Get it? It’s a pun. Hilarious.

The back page shows a message supposed to represent their support for the England team going into this year’s World Cup, which starts in just nine days.

The message explains that “we’ve drawn a line in the sand, or rather, sprayed two lines on one of their [Russia’s] polar bears. We’ve taken their beast and made it our babushka.”

They have previous for this sort of stunt. Before the 2014 World Cup one of their tweets appeared to show parts of the Amazon Rainforest chopped down to spell out a message in support of the England team, which they then clarified was a photoshop and even claimed to have the intention of raising awareness of deforestation.

The newspaper’s readers weren’t enchanted by the ad, and have been expressing their outrage in large numbers online.