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20th Apr 2018

Paul Merson says the Emirates should be renamed ‘The Arsene Wenger Stadium’

Wil Jones

It would be a fitting tribute.

Since the news broke on Friday morning that Arsene Wnger would be leaving Arsenal at the end of the season, Gunners fans have been in a melancholic mood.  On one hand, many of them have passionately called for him to leave for the last few years. But on the other, now that that time has finally come, they are looking back at all he did for the club over his two-decade long stint.

Now an Arsenal legend has suggested the club should go above and beyond with their tribute to Wenger, and rename the Emirates after him.

Paul Merson has called for the club to hange the name of the stadium to The Arsene Wenger Stadium.

“Don’t name a stand after Wenger. They don’t need the money – Name the stadium after him. Even if it’s The Emirates Arsene Wenger Stadium.”

What do Arsenal fans think about that?