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20th Nov 2022

Non-league goalkeeper sent off for confronting fan who urinated in water bottle

Callum Boyle

Warrington goalkeeper Tony Thompson was shown a bizarre red card

A goalkeeper was shown a red card during a non-league game on Saturday after he confronted a fan who had urinated in his water bottle.

Tony Thompson, who was playing for Warrington Town, was given his marching orders on the hour mark after he was seen squirting the contaminated bottle in the direction of the supporter.

Video footage has emerged of the fan swapping out the water bottle for one containing urine. Warrington went on to lose the FA Trophy clash against Guiseley 1-0.

The game was halted for several minutes as the ‘keeper confronted the travelling away supporters behind the goal.

Thompson himself tweeted at full-time and said that the incident had “put his family at risk.”

He wrote: “Today I fell out of love with the GAME! I’ve been called many names but for someone to piss in my bottle, for me to drink it and then to be told I wasn’t allowed to react because I’m a player is outrageous. That person has put me my family’s health at risk and knocked me sick.”

Warrington boss Mark Beesley defended his player and expressed his disgust at the scenes at Cantilever Park.

Speaking to the Warrington Guardian he said: “I don’t think I’ll ever be involved in anything like that again. The Guiseley staff apologised – it was disgusting and there’s no place in life for things like that.

“If someone urinates in my bottle and I drink it, I’m going to throw it away. To send him off for throwing the bottle away is a disgrace. From our point of view, the welfare of our players is paramount and what Tony was subjected to was disgraceful.”

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