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15th Jun 2018

Nigeria fans banned from bringing live chickens into World Cup stadium

Wil Jones

Fowl play

World Cups bring together fans from all over the globe, and highlight the various different quirks of national supporters.

For instance, a common sight at a Nigeria international is the fans bringing live chickens to the game. Super Eagles supporters will often paint them green and hold them aloft.

Nigeria kick off their World Cup campaign tomorrow against Croatia in their group D tie in Kaliningrad. But the chickens won’t be making an appearance. That’s because they’ve been banned from the ground by local authorities.

Andrei Yermak, Kaliningrad’s minister for culture, told the Russian Interfax news agency:

Fans from Nigeria asked if it’s possible to go to the stadium with a chicken.

We told them that it is not possible.

In written comments to Reuters, Yermak expanded:

It was explained to the fans that according to safety regulations, it is not permitted to enter the stadium with live animals.

He did previous tell Interfax that he was trying to accommodate fans request though.

We will of course advise them where to buy a chicken. We are ready to meet the most eccentric requests.