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02nd Dec 2023

Newcastle fans rage after not being awarded penalty vs Man United

Callum Boyle

Newcastle penalty

Looked awfully familiar to a similar incident

Newcastle fans were left baffled after they weren’t awarded a penalty in the first half of their game against Manchester United.

The Magpies came into the game off the back of an extremely controversial decision that saw them draw 1-1 with Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday night.

Leading 1-0 in stoppage time, PSG were awarded a penalty after VAR concluded that Tino Livramento handled the ball.

Replays however showed the ball bouncing off his chest and onto his shoulder.

Now days later a similar incident occurred only for Newcastle to be left as the ones thinking they should’ve had a penalty.

A fierce shot ricocheted off Diogo Dalot’s knee and onto his arm however VAR didn’t believe it was enough to justify giving a penalty, leaving fans of the Geordies fuming.

“Thats more of a penalty than the PSG one,” said one fan.

A second commented: “Wasn’t it given in Europe during the week?

“I’d love to know why it’s not a penalty,” wrote a third.

Another said: “Based on the penalty given against Newcastle midweek, that’s a handball on Dalot.

“Dalot handball. Should have been a penalty based on what was given in Paris against Newcastle,” said a fifth.

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