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25th May 2019

Mike Dean celebrates Tranmere promotion in typically Mike Dean fashion

Kyle Picknell

Mike Dean loves Tranmere Rovers even more than loves Mike Dean

Say what you will about Mike Dean the referee, the man who turns the most important games between the best sides in England into his own personal audition for Strictly Come Dancing. Say whatever you like.

“He ruins the games.” Sure, if you want. “Mike Dean is simply far too into Mike Dean.” Yep, undoubtedly true.

But Mike Dean the authentic, genuine, massive Tranmere Rovers fan? Well, we love that Mike Dean. We would do anything for that Mike Dean.

During the semi-finals of Tranmere’s League Two play-off journey, he was spotted in the crowd at the New Lawn Stadium as his side beat Forest Green Rovers 2-1 on aggregate to win a place in the final at Wembley.

I mean, how could the cameras not have spotted him, this eccentric bald man stood atop the seats fucking ROARING at the universe and everything in it?

This is what football is all about.

And after Rovers beat Newport County in the final itself on Saturday, thanks fo a 119th minute extra-time goal from Connor Jennings, Mike Dean once again took a moment to let it all out in celebration of the team he loves being promoted to League One.

Once again, this is a proper football fan you see before you.

And just to end, and round up all today’s important Mike Dean-related news, because there is always, always, Mike Dean news, here’s a clip of a bunch of Tranmere fans (who aren’t Mike Dean) dressed up in Mike Dean masks on their way to the big game.

Well, saying that, it wouldn’t surprise me if one of them actually was Mike Dean, sat right in the thick of a coach full of people pretending to be Mike Dean, also pretending to be Mike Dean himself by wearing a Mike Dean face mask over his actual Mike Dean face.

Mike Dean.